A-150 intelligent hoist installed in new energy battery plant

A-150 intellengent hoist installed on ergonomic knuckle arm crane,which was used in new energy battery plant. 

Technical parameters
1)Ai series intelligent hoist
2)Maximum lifting weight(load and tool) 150kg
3)Maximum lifting speed with no-load 30m/min
4)Maximum lifting speed with full load 24m/min
5)Standard lifting height 2.5m
6)Voltage 220v+/-10%
7)Max current 10A
8)Motor power 1.3kw


No. Component Quantity Brand Origin
1 Servo motor 1 Kollmogen USA
2 Servo drive 1 Kollmogen USA
3 Planetary reducer 1 Neugart Germany
4 Sliding handle 1 Dunbarton USA
5 Photoelectric sensor 1 Balluff Germany
6 Control mother board 1 Dunbarton USA

1)Controlled by servo system and Servo motor is Kollmorgen of USA.

2)Float mode can realize force balance . Standard lifting height is 2.5m. Workers can hold
the workpiece directly and position it precisely.The servo system can sense workpiece
weight to keep balance .

3)Maximum lifting speed is 30 m/min. Lifting speed can be set under max speed.The
speed in float mode can be variable based on vertical force and displacement on
handle.The longer displacement is,the higher lifting speedis.

4)The sliding handle with Balluff photoelectric sensor can sense signal of vertical
force(≤10N) to control speed.The sensitivity of sliding handle can be adjusted

5)Limit device is offered. When the load reaches upper limit,the device will stop